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A Niche Website Publishing Company

We utilize underserved niches to expand the reach of your website.  

Our Services


Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your site for search by following best practices.

Content Optimization

Expand your reach by streamlining your current content.

Website Building

If you don’t have an existing website, we can build one for you from the ground up.

SEO Consulting

Teach your staff how to mantain your SEO by learning best practices and how to expand your current content.

Data Analysis

Set up and make sense of the numbers.

SEO Strategy

Our aim is to get you off of the monthly plan and running on your own two feet.

What Makes Us Different?

At First & Found we eschew the traditional ‘behind the scenes’ strategy of some SEO gurus.  There is no magic voodoo, we show you exactly how to become successful…and then leave you to it.

No More Monthly Reports

Have access to your own stats dashboard, and we’ll teach you how to analyze it.

per month

I’ve been earning $100,000 a year with passive income…and you can too.

Answers to Your Questions

What is a niche?

In SEO a niche is a small website or page that is catered to a very targeted market.

Why target a niche?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting 10 hits a day, or 10 000.  Every site can benefit by targeting a niche.  If you’re a small website, a specific niche can help you get your foot in the door and build your traffic from the ground up.  If you’re a large site adding additional niches can be a valuable mental exercise in growth, and help you with additional traffic.

Case Studies

Law Website

This website was created years ago, with excellent SEO.  It just keeps growing & growing.

A Study in Scents

Getting to the top for a specific keyword.

A Bitcoin Referral Bonanza

This site generates most of it’s traffic from referrals with little effort.

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